On-line coffeehouse – saves you time and money (so you can manage to be at more meetings and get more done)

You need to meet up with a client, your colleagues or employees, but the time for going around real-life coffeehouses and sitting in meeting rooms just isn’t there? We have a solution for you. Our on-line coffeehouse is a virtual room with a simple URL address for your group videoconferences. You can start using it right away, just share its address with your colleagues or partners.

How does it work?

• Create an account (via our form)
• Your coffeehouse link will be sent to your e-mail address
• Put in your name
• You’ve arrived to your coffeehouse, now you can arrange your first on-line meeting!

Advantages of our on-line coffeehouse:

• Simplicity, quickness, efficiency
• You can connect from anywhere anytime
• A great time saver, provides maximum efficiency
• No need to download/install an app
• No usernames and accounts
• Direct entry without additional steps – with repeated use the system remembers your info and signs you in directly
• Works on mobile devices, tablets and computers
• You can send your coffeehouse address to anyone via a SMS/Whatsapp/e-mail and immediately talk through Webmeeting
• Discussions with your client or your team over a presentation/picture/shared screen
• Possibility of drawing into your presentation, document

What else there is to know?

• The webcam makes communication very easy and connect you with the participants of the on-line meeting – no matter where they are
• The first one to log in (or the one signed in from the administrator’s account) becomes the lecturer
• The lecturer has power over everything in the meeting – he can give screen sharing rights to other participants etc.

Just arrange a meeting or an on-line videoconference with your participants and save up to 50% of your time – the time you’d otherwise spend on the go. You can also work from the comfort of your own home, in a hotel room or your office and still participate in an on-line session with others.

What are the requirements?

For a start, we offer you a free trial for 5 people – “forever”.
The price for an account with an activated coffeehouse for 7 people is 197 CZK/month

Get a free trial and see yourself – the time saver you always needed.

After registration, you’ll also get WebMeeting Trial (25 days of the full version for free) – try all of the functions WebMeeting has to offer – no attachments, just 25 days of the full version for free. At the end of the free trial, you can decide whether you want to subscribe to your own WebMeeting service, or if you’re satisfied with just a simple coffeehouse “forever” for free. You can use the trial version for free and without any catches, the only issues being that the usage is limited to just 25 days. The open-ended version of WebMeeting (not the free Coffeehouse) is a paid service and its usage is therefore regulated through the  Terms of Service and the Price list.

Do you want your own coffeehouse for 5 people for free? “FOREVER”

plus, we’ll activate a full version of WebMeeting for 25 days

Please, put in the following info:

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Coffeehouse for 5 people “forever” for free

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